Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ladies Night

Ahhh, "Ladies Night" that magical marketing idea that bar owners across the nation employ to bring in the men with the promise of a bar full of women. I'm ashamed to admit that it worked on me. I actually set out with the idea that there would be a bar full of ladies waiting for me.

I won't admit that publicly, so keep it between you and me. Don't worry, no one ever reads the internet.

The first thing I have to ask is, why do they call it "Ladies Night"?
#1. on "Ladies Night" there seems to be a much higher ratio of men in the bars than women. Seriously, I haven't seen this much sausage since Oktoberfest.

B.) There are really no ladies, just married women with their husbands just trying to get free drinks.
"Ladies Night" has been a traditional disappointment for me. Although there was one night that I went out and 12 women hit on me. Yep, I was hot. I was on a roll.

Alright so it wasn't 12 women, it was only one but she was the size of 12.
And she didn't hit "On" me, she just plain hit me.

To be honest with you, I just go to bars to meet women in hopes that they will introduce me to their friends that stayed home that night. I don't imagine that I will meet my soul mate in a bar. I'm not much of a bar person myself.

The whole concept of "Ladies night" has to be a joke. Every guy in the bar kept watching the door. When someone walked in, they all looked at the door as if to ask, "Are those the ladies". Yep, it's like watching synchronized rubber necking. They sit up straight, suck in the bellies and smile real nice. Then they realize it's just another dude and the spare tire flops back out.

Except for that one really creepy guy at the end of the bar. I think he would have gone home with a bar stool if it showed interest.

Hey fellas, if you want to see the ladies, go to the male strip clubs. Ok, maybe not "Ladies" so much as inebriated, horny housewives that can't make change for a twenty and have husbands at home that think they're at a book club.

As for me, I'm gonna stick with wet T-shirt contests. That's where you know you will see all women. Except for that one dude that tries to win with his man boobs. Nice try but the only one that wants to see this guy in a wet t-shirt is sitting at the end of the bar on ladies night buying a drink for the bar stool.

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