Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I childish

The other day someone called me "Childish". Is that even an insult? Personally, I was flattered.
Childish - like a child.
My 3 favorite people in the world are my children. So, wouldn't it be a compliment to be like them?
My children are amazing and fun to be around. Childish doesn't sound so bad.

And I'll admit, I may be a little immature at times. I'm not an adult prude with a stick up my butt. I still try not to giggle when someone talks about the "Penal System" (We really need a better name for that) or mentions a man with Angina (Men don't have anginas, Hehe).
I still enjoy the kids rides:

Well, maybe not this particular ride (it makes me wonder things about the designer).
But I Still enjoy the funny pictures and I like to make up captions for them:

And I even enjoy playing the same games that I did when I was a child (Maybe a little different)

So, I almost had this woman convinced that I am not childish (or at least that it is not a bad thing) and I simply enjoy having fun with my kids. I explained to her that it is acceptable for me to crawl through the tubes on McDonalds playplace with my kids, it's part of being a parent. Just as she is beginning to agree with me, she tells me that her husband can't do that because it bothers his angina.
Yep, my laughter was not very convincing.


Top View said...

hmmm. I wonder about the designer as well.

praning5254 said...

being called childish can be both flattering and embarassing. it's a matter of perspective, anyway.

cayasm said...

At least you still have your inner child

Ekim said...

@praning. You're right. My perspective may have been different from what was intended.

MsCarla said...

There is nothing chidish about being able to enjoy life no matter where it is I think that anyone that can look at life through kids eyes have found a gift everyone should desire to have I see life the same I enjoy all of life. some people are so sad that they only see what another is doing but while they are pointing their finger at you for living your life they have three pointed back at them telling them to mind your budiness. my hats off to you for being who you are. God bless

Cindy said...

People are always accusing me of acting like a little girl. It never bothered me. I think it has contributed to my youthful looks :D

Ekim said...

MsCarla, you reminded me of a great line in a song, "Greet me with the eyes of a child". Thanks.

Cindy, you do have a youthful look. Do you think that maybe they read your blog :)

chicky401 said...

Gotta have fun in life. People have called me childish many times before. Just look at them and say "are you jealous because I have fun in life?" Heck I still sometimes put my hair in 2 ponytails and occasionally I braid them too.

Pentad said...

Keep playing, ekim! We need more fun in this world.

N. Francesca said...

I'm 32 and I know how to retain the spirit of a kid as an adult with full grown responsibilities.

There's no secret lotion nor potion, it's called, Being your true self. I'm learning that people forget what makes them happy and human when adult strife strikes.

It's not often that you find one of our kind roaming the world. Glad to have blogged into yours tonight.

High 5, *wink*


Amy said...

Nothing wrong with being childish... children are the funnest people out there!

The Offended Blogger said...

Oh, grow up! :p

jess said...

Being childish has it's advantages it's better than being a sour puss.

Paul Crutcher said...

I get that accusaton all the time too. I think it's just jealousy from people who are grouchy farts.