Sunday, March 30, 2008

Invalid Complaining.

It's not like me to rant about something. Well, maybe it is like me but how hard can it really be to be rich and famous? Seriously, I hear these people constantly complaining about the stresses of fame and fortune and I just want to gag them with a sumo wrestlers dirty diaper (or whatever you call that thing they wear). One thing that I agree with is that I do not, in fact, know how stressful it is to be rich and famous but I would love to find out.
I can imagine that having so much money that you can't possibly spend it all would be stressful. Almost as stressful as losing your house to foreclosure. Yep, I'm sure it's a really tough life to live.
What I can't figure out is how you can spend years sometimes struggling to become famous and when you finally get there you don't want it. The only thing worse than whining about being blessed is being blessed and not knowing it. Stop whining about being rich and famous and start whining about being a whiner, you might get more sympathy that way.
Take David Cassidy for example. He was a huge success of Iconic proportions and left it all to have a normal life. Now, he's making a comeback so I guess that normal life wasn't all it cracked up to be. But still he is complaining about how bad it was to be so famous when he was younger. Gee, that would be a lot more believable if you weren't trying to promote a new album while saying this garbage.
The few people that actually do feel sorry for them are obviously not carrying the burden of an abundance of schooling. This is a choice that people make and they have more choices than most regular folks. I was remodeling a rental apartment for a lawyer once. He shows up at the job and gets out of his 60 thousand dollar car and tells me that it must be nice to be able to go to work in a T-shirt and jeans. I said that it must really be nice to have a choice. He could get up tomorrow morning and come work for me for $500 a week, I'd teach him how to do remodeling. But, it's not like I can wake up tomorrow and decide to be a $500 per hour lawyer. He never took me up on my offer so I guess that working in a $3,000 suit doesn't suck after all.
We all have our choices to make and if you don't deal with being rich and famous too well, you should just get out of the industry. Or take some notes from people like Johnny Depp who escapes to France to live a fairly private life. You should know that if you are going clubbing on the streets of Hollywood you're gonna have pictures of your drunk ass in the tabloids, stay home and party in your mansion, hire a DJ and invite your friends. And for the love of God don't get behind the wheel when you know damned well you could afford a limo.


Jack Payne said...

If all you ask for in life is a chance to prove that money can't make you happy, opportunities abound. If you motivate youself by aspiring to sloth, gluttony, and greed, you are off and running. With this attitude you will outshine the wealthy at their own game.

Ekim said...

Great advice Jack. Thanks for stopping by.

Grandma Julia said...

I should visit your blog each time I need to relieve myself of some stress. Thanks for the laughter.

Lucy said...

Cool post - how true! I linked to it in my - hope you don't mind.


Mick Feeble said...
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Mick Feeble said...

There are different types of rich and famous people who complain about being rich and famous, too. There are at least these categories (this, off the top of my head):

1. Those who were once neither rich, nor of fame, yet due to some event or ability, come to be famous. They don't really want or need the money or the fame, but now nobody leaves them alone. I suppose we can feel a little sympathy for them, especially if it's the media behaving like yellowjackets ruining their lives.

2. Those who were once neither rich, nor of fame, but did all they could through self-promotion to become such, and then complain incessantly about it, to the media, every chance they get, while sitting on the back of their yacht. These people deserve to be asked politely what bothers them most, and then have that delivered to them 24 hours a day. No sympathy.

3. Those who already came from money, or wore borne into fame, and complain about how they wish they could just live like normal people. Well... I think some of these people could live like normal people, if they would go somewhere else. But then they wouldn't be rich and famous, and that would be extremely uncomfortable for them.

I can keep going with this...