Thursday, March 20, 2008

I can't compete with that.

I stopped into my favorite convenience store the other day to grab some soda. As I was standing in line I looked through the glass door and saw this beautiful woman was on her way inside. Being the polite single man I am, I stepped out of the line to open the door for her.
Now, what I plan and what actually happens have never been similar and this was no exception to that rule. What I planned was to open the door for her and say, "You thought chivalry was dead but it was just sleeping". I figured that would make her smile and let her know that I was chivalrous and friendly.
What actually happened was: Before I even got my hand on the door, this drunken dude comes out of nowhere and opens the door for her as he yells, "GIT 'ER DONE, WOO HOO"!!! And to add to the embarrassment, he shakes his butt when he does it.
Now, this little song and dance got her attention for sure. I mean, seriously, I can't compete with that. What could I possibly do or say that would top that one. He managed to get the attention of everyone in the store and probably everyone in the parking lot as well.
When I got up to the counter, having realized what a fan base he had created, he did it one more time as an encore performance. The cashier completely lost his train of thought and had to ask me again if I needed anything else. I wanted to say, "Yes, a shotgun", but that probably wouldn't go over too well in a convenience store.
So, now that he got her attention, what do you think would happen if he asked her out? She would probably agree because he was the kind of guy that commanded attention. They would probably date for a few weeks and she would see his little dance and hear his mating call of "Git 'er done, woo hoo" a few hundred times. Then, you would hear the poor girl complaining to her friends about what an obnoxious jerk he is.
Ironically, it is because he is an obnoxious jerk that he got her attention in the first place. I think that some women look for this and actually believe that it is a sign of dominance and strength of character at first. Then, later on they expect him to transform into the man of their dreams.
For men, it is very simple, Stick with what works. If, "Git 'er done, woo hoo" is what landed the girl in the first place, keep up the good work. Why change a winning strategy?
This is just an example and these two people didn't actually start dating. I used this as a hypothetical situation. But I have been to the bars and watched what gets womens attention. It hasn't always been good.
So, if you are a single woman and don't seem to be having much success with finding a man, you may want to think about what it is that gets your attention or even distracts you from seeing what could be standing right next to you.


Anonymous said...

Man, you read my mind. I'm going to do a post on this same subject because men are just as guilty of the same sort of thing.

Kat said...

I will try to remember to look behind the door next time...great post

Dukepro25 said...

LOL!!! "Get 'er done!" ROTFL

Oh man - you know how to bring me to tears.

Hey - on the bright side...

At least you didn't get hit by the door! :D