Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reveal hidden comments on myspace

Myspace profiles provide a great way for us to communicate with our friends or make new friends on a global level. How nice it is to be able to send a private message to a friend and know that it is only going to be read by them. And the myspace creators were even nice enough to allow us to have an option to post a public comment on our friends page to let the whole world know how great we think they are. And isn’t it also nice to go to your friends page and see what everyone else has to say, be included in the funny comments or maybe find out if you are the first person to wish them happy birthday via comments?

It seems that some clever people have found a ways to make their comments appear to be hidden from the public. That’s right, somewhere in there profile they have added the code to hide the comments that were posted by their friends for all to see. If I wanted my comments to be private I would send them to you in a message. I wanted all of your friends to know that I was wishing you a wonderful weekend.

If you have ever gone to a friends MySpace profile and noticed that they have hidden their comments, I’m sure you felt very “out of the loop”. Or worse, what if you have kids that have a MySpace and you went to their page and noticed that they have blocked their public comments from the prying eyes of Mom and Dad. Don’t worry, you can still see them if you look in the right place. I’m sure you are even more curious about their comments now that you can’t see them. It kind of makes you wonder what they are hiding.

Well, these comments were meant to be viewed by all so let’s get into the simple trick to get these sneaky little guys back into the sunlight. Go to your friends page, the one that has the hidden comments. If you’ll notice up in the address bar of your web browser there is a long URL that seems to make no sense at all. Look for the part where it says, “&friendid=“. The number to the left of the equals sign is the friend ID number, write this down, you will need it to see the comments.

Now, erase all of that stuff in your browsers address bar and replace it with:
And type the Friend ID number at the end after the equals sign. Click on go or hit enter and the mystery is revealed.

This will not work on anyone that has a MySpace account, if their profile is not set to public you have to be their friend to view their comments, even the hidden ones. This little trick only allows you to read the comments that you could normally read if the friend had not set them up to be hidden.

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