Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dove of my life

Blinded by beauty, falling fast from the air
I couldn't break free from cupids rigid snare.
You ignored the childish tricks I would play
to gain your attention at the end of each day.

But then you noticed me, I felt so in love
my heart took to the sky like a soaring dove.
The bird flew onward with grace and ease.
Gently and slowly, you brought me to my knees.

So, here I kneel at your demand.
I eat sweet poison from your comforting hand.
Lay me down easily, let me rest my head
for you have another and I am dead.

The body before me is a symbol of strife
This representation is the dove of my life.

1 comment:

Jeunelle Foster said...

A Poet Yet You Don't Know It.
Sounds Like You Have Something To Get Off Your Chest And What Better Place To Do That Then Spilling Your Guts Out. Well Done Mike.