Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blind Luck

Have you ever wondered how people manage to get through life in one piece?

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday. I was driving in the right hand lane, about to make a right turn when this guy comes flying from the left lane to cut me off. There's three lanes here and I am far from being the only car on the road.

I probably would have hit him had it not been for the screeching tires of the other drivers he narrowly avoided. I heard cuss words that would make a sailor blush. Some of them even came from outside of my truck.

Then, as he makes the right turn, he doesn't yield but instead goes to the far left lane. Again, he cuts off three lanes of traffic. Horns are honking, tires are screeching, fingers are flying and new profanities are being invented.

At this point, I lose sight of this genius because I actually have to wait for an opening in the traffic to make my turn. Sometimes, stupidity does the work of bravery and, at this moment, I am neither brave nor stupid.

I finally make my turn and immediately merge into the left lane to make a left turn. No surprise but guess who I see zip from the far right lane to cut me off in the left turn lane? Yep, the same genius.

At this point, I notice something astonishing. The car he is driving isn't new. It's NOT NEW! This car doesn't have a sngle scratch or dent on it and it's four years old. With the way this guy drives, this car should look like it just came from a demolition derby.

I have to follow this guy and ask him for the lottery numbers. There's no way this is driving skill, it has to be blind luck.


Louise, Carmine Superiore, Italy said...

He's a joy rider - the real owner is 75 and housebound.

sandra said...

I really like your blog..wish I could write like this..the best I did was on my inner peace blog..
keep up the good work, as I like this, and very sure others do also.
I linked your to my inner peace blog.

timethief said...

Hi there,
I have had the displeasure of experiencing such drivers on the road too. Completely self absorbed asshats that drive in crazy ways that put every one else on alert maneuvering to get out of their way aren't lucky per say. They rest of us are simply not prepared to die. Isn't it amazing that they aren't followed into parking lots where vehicles are frequently "keyed"?

Ekim said...

@Timethief- I guess they are lucky that they don't "Run Into" similar drivers.

timethief said...

It would be fitting of two such drivers actually did drive into each other but it's not a good thing to send that kind of thought out so I usually just swear loudly instead as I take evasive action. lol :P

Chrissy said...

I just get road rage, I am so bad. But, I give myself permission to swear at them loudly including gestures, bit more difficult when you have teenagers in the car ;)Jasper Carrot did a sketch about someone driving for 30 years, never had an accident......but has seen thousands ;)

Sophie LC said...

It was proably a catholic priest or a nun; my godmother (a nun, what were my parents thinking?) used to drive a car and even though I am not at all religious, with the way she drove you'd have to think she was protected by God because it's a wonder she hasn't been killed on the road! She used to drive as though she was the only driver on earth, with no sense of danger whatsoever! Luckily for the other drivers she doesn't drive anymore since her eyesight has deteriorated but she really should never have been on the road in he first place!