Saturday, November 8, 2008


Bloggers Unite
Often times we get caught up in the stability and security of our own lives and it's hard for us to imagine that life is not the same way for all people.

Imagine if you suddenly had to leave your country because violence broke out.

Imagine having to evacuate and having no place to call home.

Where would you sleep?

What would you eat?

What if you became sick?

What about your children?

It's hard to Imagine but life is just like this for millions of refugees around the world.

Imagine if there was something you could do to help.

There is.
With your help there is hope.
Take a few minutes right now to visit these websites: and


earthlingorgeous said...

Nice! Reminds me of the Beetles song.

G. said...

Nicely Done.

PQNation said...

Nice job honey.

timethief said...

Well done :)

Anonymous said...

I think that all to often people get caught up in their own lives and are clueless to the fact of violence and poverty going on in other nations.I myself find at times that i cant even imagine my life without the convience of a cell phone, computer, or even a microwave. It is sad to say that I myself at times seem to be one of the people that cant even imagine not having a pace to live, something to eat, or a warm bed to sleep in.
Some people have never even seen a cell phone but, if my cell phone dies im lost!!Some Americans most likely dont even know how to use a stove! We take our air conditioning, heaters, even beds for granted. These seemingly minor ammenities may be more than people in third world countries may ever hope to experience. This may seem outrageous to some but the dependance placed on these simple objects is built into our culture.
I think that Americans should be more aware of the trajedies that are a common occurence in third world countries daily. We live such an easy life here in the states. If the least of our worries are gas prices and a fewer gifts under the Christmas tree this year I would say that we are doing extremely well.
It is important to remember those that are less fotunate ecspecially so close to the holiday season. Give what you can and appreciate what you have and remember those who have not.