Friday, November 20, 2009

Airing out your laundry online

So, I did this post on how Facebook is THAT friend that likes to cause drama.  I got several comments...okay, just three...that pointed out a few other wonderful aspects of Facebook.  Laura pointed out that Facebook doesn't cause drama, people do. And she is right, there are many ways to take little shots at your friends. You could tag them in those embarrassing photos from the 80's where their hair was the size of a planet and had enough hairspray in it to eradicate the ozone layer completely.  Make sure you have the whole body in the shot so we can see the pants that come up to their sternum and the Swatch watch.

Another lovely feature of Facebook is the "In a relationship with..." link.  Sure, when you first see that your friends have now hooked up on Facebook you are thinking, "Aww, they make cute couple".   I'm thinking, "Aww, that poor guy is gonna get dumped and his 584 friends on Facebook will all know about it before he does".  I know I am constantly scouring my homepage just waiting for the post that reads, something like "Ron Ursumshitt is no longer in a relationship".  Can you believe that there is actually a "Like" option on those posts?  Why not just put a link that says, "I'm an insensitive @ss" with the little thumbs up icon.  If his girlfriends next post is noting that she is single, she dumped him.  Yes, if you do the math you even get to know who dumped who.

Friend Facts was a great drama creator and very creepy app that like to ask the question, "Do you think your sister is Hot or a good kisser?"  Do I want to know?  I mean, I am from the south and all...  I actually don't want to know if my niece has ever had phone sex, thank you very much.  Of course, Tiffany was offended because Facebook pointed out that I am a better dancer than she is.  I'm sorry but it's true.
Learning this made me decide to turn my computer off when I am not using it.  It creeps me out BIG TIME that Facebook knows how I dance.


Theresa111 said...

Make a video and upload you dancing onto UTube. They we shall all know. Great post. Give me your FB search name in my shout box and we can be better friends. Ha! It really is ridiculous when you think about it.

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