Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do nothing

I am looking to form a group of activist that will not act. It may sound silly but I like things the way they are and I would like to keep them that way.

Here's my agenda:

I want to have money that says, "In God we trust".
As opposed to "In Government we trust". Yeah, right.

I want to have my favorite sports team keep the name they have instead of changing the name to something that is more politically correct.
Mainly because I already bought the jersey and now I just look silly when I wear my "Devil Rays" hat. Sorry, it's just "Rays" now but I did take a black sharpie and crossed out "Devil" so as not to offend anyone.

I want to be able to walk my dog on a leash, in accordance with the law, to prevent him from running out into traffic. Sorry PETA but I think the former is much more humane.

I'd like to be able to eat a steak instead of tofurkey. You can call it something that sounds like meat but that's like putting lipstick on a pig. Oh crap, wait, that would be animal testing, Sorry again PETA.

So, in this time of Obama calling for "Change", there are some things that I would like to see remain the same. If enough people join me we can sit on the steps of the courthouse Indian sty. . oh, I mean criss cross apple sauce. Wait, "Cross", isn't that a religious reference? Ok, maybe we should just stand.

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