Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What organic means to a many man

It seems that coolness is determined by what we eat. First there were vegetarians, that seemed simple enough. As more and more people became vegetarians just to be cool, along came vegans. When that wasn't enough there became more levels of devotion to the lifestyle like people that don't eat anything with a face or that casts a shadow. Eventually, the coolest thing will be to not eat anything at all.

Don't get me wrong, I understand being vegetarian if you are doing it because it is healthy or you don't like to think about animals dying just so you can eat. However, the animals that we most commonly eat are bred for the sole purpose of becoming food. They get free medical treatment and don't have to pay rent. Personally, I think they have it pretty good.

Now, I myself am an animal lover. Especially with barbeque sauce. For every person that is offended by that statement, there is a farmer that is trying to raise his family who is glad I said it.

Now, what throws me through a loop is the new, dare I say, over use of the word "Organic". Great, a whole new level of coolness. I am totally against the senseless slaughter of innocent vegetables for the sole purpose of consumption in the first place. Now, you are telling me that they are being tortured by being denied pesticides and chemicals? That's like denying them medical treatment. Well, I won't stand for it. I will however sit for it and have my steak next to my non-organic mashed potatoes.

So, what does "Organic" mean to a manly man? Well, I have organic brake pads on my truck. I'm sure they are very tasty.


Dark Angel said...

The other cool fad (here) was herbal stuff. Herbal toothpaste.. contains chamomile, sage, myrrh.. and many other ingredients I've only known for are used in cooking. I did think about cooking with my toothpaste once when i ran out of spices... We have herbal washing powder, next maybe is herbal cars that run on organic mashed potatoes...ain't they running on cooking oil now?

Anonymous said...

I used to think that animals used for food were treated pretty well, too. I figured they had to be--otherwise they wouldn't give milk or eggs and they wouldn't be healthy enough to eat. Plus, I'd grown up around some pretty nice farms and figured they were all like that.

I've learned since then. I'd suggest watching Earthlings or Meet Your Meat. Animals used for food are tend to be tortured to death. Prior to that, they spend their whole lives in horrible, cramped conditions (with the exception of cows, who only spend the last few months of their lives in horrible, cramped conditions.) I can't imagine anybody--including my husband, who is a pretty "manly man" himself--wanting to take part in that.

Anonymous said...

My husband is vegan too; I don't think I made that clear. :) Sorry!

Ekim said...

@anonymous- Fair enough, we all have our own opinions. As for me, I have to think about the, I'm guessing, millions of people that earn a living off of the carnivorous eating habits of most humans. If we all stopped eating meat, I'd imagine all of those people wold be living in cramped and horrible conditions.

aspotofblog said...

You are very funny, and I love your sense of humor, but do you really need to make fun of vegetarians?

I happen to respect vegetarians, and I don't understand why meat-eaters are so offended by them. Sure, I can understand that some people get angry because there are many self-righteous vegetarians out there. But what about those quiet vegetarians who mind their own business? I mean, what's it to you what goes into their diet? They're not hurting you for eating vegetables.

It is a personal choice, just like your meat-eating is a personal choice.

I'm no vegetarian, but I'd like to go that way, and I wouldn't like to be made fun of for such a choice.