Monday, January 7, 2008

Side Effects

I was watching TV which I don't do very often, and I saw a commercial for a new drug. I won't mention the name because I fear repercussions (actually, I just don't remember the name). I believe it was an allergy medication. Now, while they try to distract me with these images of people smiling and strolling through a field full of beautiful flowers, the announcer mumbles the side effects. "Side Effects may include headache, nausea, dizziness", he says. Now, as an allergy sufferer myself, I think I would rather just deal with the sneezing and runny nose. But wait, the announcer is still going, "Some patients may experience loss of hearing, rectal bleeding...". I remember the old saying that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. We aren't talking about Rabies here, we are talking about allergies. Believe it or not, he wasn't done. He continued my saying that, "In rare cases stroke or death may occur". Well, as long as there aren't any serious side effects. Did you say death? That sounds more serious than a runny nose.
Has our society gotten to the point where the drug companies no longer actually care about our health? It just doesn't seem profitable to me to kill off your customers. Another good question is, "What is the Food and Drug Administration thinking about this"? It should be up to the FDA to look closely at the fine print for little side effects like death.


CocoBunni said...

I agree.. makes you really feel like its best just to suffer with whatever is ailing you. Ive recently been getting a kick out of the ambulance-chaser commercials from law offices trying to scrape together enough people to get a class-action lawsuit together. One in particular says "If you have suffered from, loss of vision, stroke, diabetes, any serious heart conditions, or death, please call..." DEATH? Im thinking that if you can call their 800 number from the grave, then you really arent doing as bad as everyone thinks.

Ekim said...

Death isn't too bad for the people who have it. It's harder on the ones that get left behind. It would be my luck to get a million dollar settlement after I died. How will I spend it?