Sunday, August 10, 2008

A public service

I was at the beach once and this older couple was leaving. The guy was struggling to get the beach umbrella closed and the older lady barked, "It doesn't take a brain scientist to figure it out". I got a good laugh from the "Brain scientist" bit. If you plan to make someone feel stupid, make sure you don't sound like a moron while you are doing it. For the record, "Brain surgeon" or "Rocket scientist" would be the correct words to say.

Today, it dawned on me that I often bite my tongue when I shouldn't. I should speak my mind and let the world know my thoughts, it would be a great public service. Just think how many lives I could touch and even correct just by letting them know exactly what I am thinking.

This realization came to me as I was buying groceries. Now, as I single man, I have asked out and been rejected by a few women (Which, by the way, is a huge turn-off). That part is not at all relevant to this story, I just wanted to make a "Shout out" to the single ladies that read my blog.

Ok, enough of that, back to my story. The guy that was bagging my groceries was talking to the cashier. He asked her, "You know that dorky guy that comes in here with the glasses?". He goes on to talk about how nerdy this guy is and tells her that he asked one of the cashiers out on a date.

At this point, I looked at him and just had to laugh. So, he says to me, "The guy is really dorky", thinking that I am laughing with him. Oh now this is where I had to bite my tongue and I shouldn't have. I wasn't laughing because I agreed with this guy. What I wanted to say was, "You bag groceries"!

Seriously, this guy bags groceries for a living. He takes the spaghetti sauce and tampons and puts them in a bag for people, that is his contribution to society. And he thinks that he has the right to pick on someone for being nerdy. Hello, nerdy guy probably makes in one day what you make all year. Not that there is anything wrong with bagging groceries, someone has to do it. I just don't think that you have the right to talk smack about customers in front of other customers.

This guy actually believes that I think he is funny but I just think he's an ass. It doesn't take a brain scientist or a rocket surgeon to put groceries in a plastic bag. Besides, do they talk about the "white men can't jump" guy with his hat backwards as soon as I leave? Sure, the cashier is much better of with the guy that bags groceries, why would she want someone that could afford to buy groceries.

Now, for the grocery baggers who are about to leave me derogatory comments, I did say that there is nothing wrong with bagging groceries but you shouldn't talk bad about other customers in front of customers. Save that talk for the break room.


Theresa H. Hall said...

I'd talk about you an watch you walking away. Good post Ekim. Where have you been mate? You missed my little birthday party on Wednesday. I ate way too much cake and ice cream but then I only do that once a year. We miss you over in discussions. Please come back. It's Friday night, for heaven's sake.

timethief said...

Hello there. I'm back from vacation and slowly recovering from all the fun I had. I attended the best wedding ever and had a great time. I'm glad to witness that you didn't miss a beat when I was gone. :P

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I was going to say something about how funny this post is, but there's something even funnier about the fact that all your ads in the sidebar are hawking anti-diarrhea products. Uh-oh, that makes me look like I prefer primitive humor over intellectual humor.

kdawg68 said...

I think it was Jesus that said "blessed are the grocery baggers"

or was that the cheesemakers? :)

Hey man, you should be thankful they still bag groceries at your market. I usually get perturbed watching cashiers file their nails while old ladies bag their own goods at our stores.

Besides, "grocery bagger" is so last year. Now we call them "product conveyance management." :)

aspotofblog said...

This kind of reminds me of those bouncers at clubs that look down on club-goers and sometimes treat them like shit. And then I think to myself: 'You're just a bouncer, dude. It's not like you have a Phd in Bouncer. What makes you think that you're better than anyone else?'

They're probably just abusing their 'power' and because it's such a crap job, they have to take it out on others to make themselves feel better.